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“This playground will cater to special children such as the blind, handicapped and mentally challenged,” Recreation, Tourism and International Affairs Department director Mohamed Akbar Mustapha: The Star, March 6th 2013.

Accessible Playground

Children with disabilities, like all children, are born with great potential, and should be defined by their abilities and not their limitations, This Playground for special children at the Penang Municipal Park enabling children with and without a disability to enjoy fun and challenging play together, side-by-side.

Run, climb, swing and slides! don't forget to bring along a bottle of water to make sure you and your family stay hydrated throughout the healthy joyful that time you spent at the park. - Editor.

Healthy Joyful Living

The playground equipment is the most popular in the area and has something for all ages and abilities.

“I was impressed by the number of activities held there and the number of visitors drawn to the park". The National Landscape Department director-general, Mohamad Taib Zain: The Star, July 5th 2011.

Best Public Park

Set in a well maintained grassy parkland filled with huge ancient trees covered in staghorns and jungle paths, the Penang Youth Park or Penang Municipal Park is paradise for families.