Cordington Walk

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A unique feature of the passage is the presence of concrete lamp posts which were originally erected in Codrington Avenue. The dismantled lamp posts were restored and erected along the passage of Codrington Walk in the Municipal Park as a hard  landscape and giving an impact to the area. There are a total of seven (7)  lamp posts along Codrington  Walk and it is landscaped with shrubs and  palm trees can also be found in the area.



【格林顿走道】(Codrington Walk)


格林顿走道的特色是拥有一排源自于格林顿大道(Codrington Avenue)的灯柱,总共有7盏灯柱树立于走道旁,照明该地区。格林顿走道的沿道旁,被灌木丛所围绕,也种满了漂亮的鸡蛋花(Plumeria)以及棕榈树(Palm Trees)



Keunikan Laluan ini ialah terdapatnya tiang-tiang lampu konkrit yang asalnya dipasang di Codrington Avenue.Tiang tiang lampu ini yang ditanggalkan ini di baiki dan dipasang di laluan Codrington Walk di Taman Perbandaran sebagai landskap kejur dan memberi impak di kawasan ini.Terdapat sebanyak tujuh (7) tiang lampu di  sepanjang Codrington Walk ini dan ianya dilandskap dengan pokok-pokok renek dan pokok palm juga terdapat di kawasan ini.


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