The Penang Municipal Park is one of the most popular parks in Malaysia. It was also rated the most active and interactive park in Malaysia by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government through its National Landscape Department.

However, more than this is the testimony of the endless stream of visitors to the park daily and at weekends. The number of visitors to the park on a hot and humid weekday in Malaysia is 3,000 and this rises to 8 000 at weekends. This shows the popularity of the park among the visitors. It also shows that it is not only the physical amenities but also the activities organised at the park that attract visitors to the park.

Many local authorities in Malaysia have visited the Municipal Park to study its management and maintenance. In a country that is not well-known for maintenance, the Municipal Park has stood the test of time. Since its opening in 1972, the park has grown not only in acreage but also in its facilities. Yet the park has not fallen in disarray but has grown in popularity among the users. This shows that with proper management and maintenance of its facilities as well as the landscape, the Municipal Park of Penang can sustain itself although it is a park that does not impose any fees for the use of its facilities. The fact that the facilities are in good condition helps to attract visitors to the park.


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