Archery Range

Archery Range

Located on 100 square metres in south Penang Municipal Park, Archery Range is one of the famous publicly operated archery’s facilities in Penang. The facility offers are wide array of target arching opportunities. This Archers’ paradise is home to a number of local and national class competitions and other major events. This Archery Range Facility is operated and facilitated by Penang Archery club (on Saturday and Sunday from 2.00 pm till 4.00 pm; Please call us for Details)

With extensive facilities, Penang Municipal Park offers a fun and safe environment for all of your arching needs. Men, women and children of all experience levels are welcome. Trained safety officers are on the Arching line at all times to oversee safety and to offer informal coaching when needed. For novice archers, equipment such as wooden bow and arrow are provided. 



【射箭场】(Archery Range)






Lapangan Memanah berekreasi sejauh 80 meter ini dibina bagi memberi peluang kepada mereka yang berminat dengan sukan memanah. Ianya dibuka kepada orang ramai dan dikendalikan oleh Kelab Memanah Pulau Pinang. Mereka yang berminat boleh lah datang ke Lapangan Memanah ini pada Hari Sabtu dan Ahad dari jam 2.00 petang hingga 4.00 petang.

Peralatan memanah disediakan oleh pihak Pengurusan Taman dan ianya dikendalikan oleh Jurulatih-jurulatih yang berpengalaman dalam sukan memanah ini.

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