Penang Municipal Park offers numerous of special attractions for solo explorers and families across its 172 acres: green meadows, sprawling waters, gardens, unique landmarks, performance centres (Amphitheatre), General facilities (Cafeteria, Shops, Gymnasium and a classic tropical architecture.

Above all, the greatest Attraction of Penang Municipal Park – is its picturesque beauty, filled with natural green landscapes, vistas as far as the eye can see, and a pastoral escape within the most-populated city in the Malaysia Whether you choose to search out specific destinations or wander the hundreds of paths – each season, each day and each visit offers something new.

Each Attraction is described in detail by clicking on the titles to the left, but among the most popular among city dwellers and tourists alike are as follows:

  • Laman Mempelai (Bridal's Corner)
  • Chess Corner
  • Family Recreation Pool
  • Children's Play Pool
  • Graffiti Park


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